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At Hitha, we adopt a proactive and progressive approach in our work to evolve customized, competent and cost-effective solutions and to avoid costly redesigns. We collaborate closely with our clientele to devise interface designs in line with the user needs for usable software.  Our process of developing plausible interface designs includes the phases of Customer Profiling, Usability Auditing, Architecture Blueprinting, Design Prototyping and Design Implementation. The cardinal designing principles that guide us in the development of user interface designs are – design for simplicity, design for efficiency, design for aesthetics, design for continuity and design for consistency.

Web Design Solutions

Hitha is capable of creating a distinct presence for you on the World Wide Web. We can help you launch onto the web cost-effectively and captivatingly. Whether you need site updates, site evaluations, site renovations, site maintenance or web ads, we have the expertise and resources to help drive the success of your website.  We have a remarkable track-record of proven performance in designing Corporate Websites, Personal Websites, B2B & B2C Portals, Logos or Banners of Websites for many a renowned corporate client. For any web design solution, you can simply rely on us… for presentation with perfect panache. 

Usability Solutions

At Hitha, we specialize in the design of highly usable interfaces that can effectively reduce system development time, increase end-user productivity, and reduce training costs. Our multidisciplinary team of consultants has excellent expertise in human-computer interaction to develop competent and customized interface designs for a variety of development environments, including - web sites, desktop and networked applications.  We can serve as a facilitator between the users and developers of the application. We can enhance the feel and functionality of your website/software products to ensure highest user satisfaction with usability solutions, including -

  • User interface designs for new or legacy applications

  • Evaluation of existing or proposed interface design

  • Analysis of existing task procedures and workflow

  • Rapid and iterative prototyping of user requirements.


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