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Hitha has its roots in the aspirations of two young graduates of architecture. After a fruitful stint of apprenticeship in the fields of architecture and advertising, they were keen to prove their mettle and make it big. Their dream and diligence culminated in the creation of Hitha. five years ago. Ever since, the tiny creative boutique has made significant strides to earn place alongside leading creative agencies. It has impressively stretched its canvas of services to cover the entire spectrum of corporate communications. It has considerably expanded its client-base to comprise the most renowned corporates representing diverse industries.



At Hitha Designs, we follow a clear cut strategy and blend it with a perfect balance of technology and imagination. Our young, enthusiastic and self-made team makes us a cohesive force. Most members of our team have grown with Hitha Designs and are passionate about the work they create. The fire in their bellies burns on…. And translates into living, breathing, vibrant creatives all the time. Our team comprises specialists in every genre - be it strategizing, conceptualizing, creative writing, designing, photography, print production (or) web building.

What you unfailingly get is work of uncompromising standards.


Hitha has enlisted the goodwill of a client base extending in Health Care, Information Technology, Real Estate, Educational and Construction companies based in India and Abroad.


Srinivas Valluri  (Chief Design Consultant)     e-mail: valluri@hitha.com
The designer entrepreneur is a multi faceted personality. His vision of a total design organisation, resulted in the formation of Hitha. His inherent flair for design has earned Hitha a place in the creative world and respect from the clients. Immensely talented as a visualiser, with sound knowledge of print-production and the web-media, Valluri is a keen marketing strategist as well.

Arvind Raghuvanshi  (Director-Marketing)     e-mail: arvind@hitha.com
Articulate and effervescent, Arvind’s inherent strength lies in marketing and client servicing. A ‘PR’ person with keen insight into corporate communications, Arvind has experience in copy writing as well.